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Paige DeJean
Born in Louisiana
7 years
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This memorial website was created to remember our dearest Paige Courtney DeJean, who was born in New Orleans Louisiana on April 9 2002 and passed away on November 8 2009. She will forever be in our memories and in our hearts.

Thank you for visiting Paige C. DeJean’s website. This site is dedicated to the memory of little Paige. She is much loved and will always be remembered by all her family and friends. Your love and support means so much to us and is very much appreciated. Although she is in Heaven, her family remains with us, and we would like to share this with her family and friends.

Paige Coutney DeJean, a very beautiful little girl, was born April 9, 2002, to her proud parents, Alkima Anderson Williamson and SSG Henry L. DeJean, Jr.  She was an honor student at Hazel Park-Hilda Knoff Elementary School.  Paige loved school and did her best to keep her grades up.  She was very friendly, loving, and vibrant.  If she knew that someone needed help, she would go out of her way to help them.  If you were sad, she could brighten up your day with a smile.  Paige was loved and cherished by many.  She loved to talk and could hold a long conversation with anyone.  Paige was a big fan of “Hanna Montana,”  and she loved “Sponge Bob.”  She had many nick names, such as Baby, Paigy, PCD, and other special names people gave her.  She truly was a child of God, as she lead her life just like Jesus, by loving and helping anyone she could. 

A shootout early Sunday morning, on November 8 2009, sent stray bullets piercing walls and into apartments in River Ridge, resulting in the death of 7-year-old Paige as she slept.

To everyone who met her, Paige DeJean was a 7-year-old princess full of life and laughter, smiles and hope. But her ball of light was put out too soon.

In life she was loved very dearly, and in death it is still the same. It broke everyone’s hearts to lose her. A part of us was taken, the day God called for her.  She left us many peaceful and happy memories. Her beautiful smile is what guides us through this hard time of knowing that she is not with us in body, but with God in Spirit. If Love could have saved her, she would have lived forever with us.

Life is so precious, and so very short. It is a shame that Paige will not be able to experience the many great wonders of life by our sides.  The heavens have opened there gates for a beautiful little angel named Paige. The Lord held out his hand and welcomed her home.

Henry, her father, has warm words of advice for parents everywhere.

"Before your baby goes off to sleep, give him or her a kiss, tuck them into bed, hug them, let them know you love them because … like in my situation, I can't do that for Paige anymore."

Paige leaves to cherish her precious memories, her mother, Alkima Anderson Williamson and her father SSG Henry L. DeJean Jr., her step-mother, Diana DeJean and her step-father, SPC Timothy M. Williamson, and ; her sisters, Brieana DeJean, Jasmine DeJean, Taylor M. Williamson; and Nevaeh’a J. Williamson; her grandparents, Dorothy Peavy and Cephus Peavy, Cynthia C. DeJean and Henry DeJean Sr.; her aunts , Helene A.Barnett (Kenny), Lisa A. Williams (Anthony), and Mia DeJean Yepez (Jamie) and her uncles, Genard Anderson; her Godmother, Christine A. Firmin and her Godfather, Marvin R. Jones Jr.  She also leaves two very special friends, Marissa Alexander and Brooke Weathersby, as well as many, many more relatives and friends.  She is preceded in death by her grandparents, Patricia Thomas, James Thomas, and Bartholomew Claiborne.

Paige will be buried Saturday November 14 2009 at Lake Lawn Cemetery in New Orleans. Her father Henry, who is not only a soldier who was currently deployed when he got the call, but is also a member of the Hammond Police Department Swat Team, said he and his family cannot thank the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office enough for their ongoing efforts in this case.

Thank you for visiting this website. Please feel free to browse around. And enjoy the many memories that we were blessed to experience with Paige.

And please leave some kind words for the family and friends that will miss her dearly.



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Taylor Coon
Me and My Friend.

Latest Condolences
Mommy My Butterfly FOREVER July 9, 2016
I think and talk about yu everyday...I LOVE yu so very much Paige. One thing abt it I know that yu see me, If I'm having not so good thoughts, or not such a good matter where I am I see Butterflies!!! It changes my whole thought process at the time. If I am in mid conversation I will immediately freeze and reflect on the beauty of the butterfly until it is no longer in my sight! These Butterflies come in all sort of BEAUTIFUL colors and sizes. That is how I know that yu are here with me because yu saw the beauty in EVERYONE and yu left an Impression on others like no one can. That is what those butterflies do to me. In your words "I wish I was a Butterfly to Fly Away" I Love Yu Paige Courtney Always and Forever

Love, Mommy 
Daddy I love you forever November 8, 2015
Hey my love. I just need you to know that I miss you so much. It has been 6 years and the pain of not being able to hear your laugh or to see your smile has not gone away. I have never been as happy with my life until the day God blessed me with you. You made me the man & father I am today. There is nothing in this world that could replace the void in my heart that you filled from the warmth of your hugs, kisses and the words of "daddy I love you." Paige, i could have not prayed enough to have been blessed with a daughter like you. I hope you are proud of the person that I have become. All of life's joys and happiness I found in watching you grow from a seed to a flower. I wish I could take this all away, I wish you were writing these words to me. You were taken away from me and I never had a chance to say good bye. I'd do anything just to hold you in my arms again even if it was just for a second. That second would feel like an eternity! I'm sorry I couldn't protect you, I'm sorry I wasn't there when you needed me the most. Everyday I struggle carrying this burden with me wherever I go, not being able to be with you makes living life impossible. When you died Paige apart of me died with you. In 7 short years you gave me a lifetime of loving memories, I wish I could have 7 more. I never knew how beautiful the world could be until you were born. I promise you I will never stop loving & missing you. Death cannot separate the love a father has for his daughter. So on this day, I want you to know, I need you to know that I love you more today then I did yesterday. I love you "Big Much" like you would always tell me before you said good night. My greatest success was being your greatest achievement was being your father. 

I lo
Davialle lazard your birthday April 9, 2014
i was reading about Paige's story on the internet and i reaslize today is Paige's birthday. Angel i know you are well missed and loved by many . hope you are celebrating yoou birthday beautiful.
Sheri Coon Thinking of you June 5, 2012
Something brought me here for a reason tonight. I'm not sure of the reason but Paige you are never far from my thoughts. God needed another angel and he chose you. You are in a very special place now. One day we will all be with you and our other loved ones that have gone before us to prepare our eternity. We all need to be reminded that this is only our temporary home. This is not our eternity it has been promised to us that we will dwell in the house of the Lord. My Christian love goes out to all of Paiges family.
Mommy What My Paige Courtney Means To Me: April 5, 2012
I Have been dealing with not having yu physically for a VERY LONG TIME! 2yrs and 4 and a Half yrs.I feel it's unfair at Times bcuz I Never Imagined This. I felt our life was Perfect! Yu Have AMAZING PARENTS! ( THANKS TO YU) We just had it all..I wish we could have our time together once more as the Perfect Family!Going to the park,and The Snack Shack, Walking the Levee and stuff like that. I Know yu Had a wonderful Life with us. I now realize that yu are fully Resting bcuz of the Justice we got for yu. I could't rest until I knew the people or person responsible for the MURDER of my Only Chiild of 7 yrs was Punished! I will Continue to fight for Justice4Paige..Even though we got "Justice" for Yu..We have a lot more work to do! Until Mommy see ur BEAUTIFUL face again! Flurish In Heaven Like Yu Flurished Here on Earth! Yu Fufilled your Purpose here....NOW It's Mommy's Turn to serve Her Purpose:, and it consists of continuous Knowledge of Gun Violence and Spreading the word abt My Guardian Angel whom went on to Live with the Lord oh so Very soon! Mommy will Never stop Loving yu! I can't wait for ur Birthday Celebration! Monday April 9, 2012 @ 2:00pm That was the exact Time yu came into this world...and I will Celebrate it until My Journey is Completed!

Love, Mommy Paige N Paiton's Mommy AlwaysInnocent
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